Registration GOLD

In our catalog there are 192 GOLD courses. Just two registrations are sufficient for calendarize these courses.
The advantages
  1. When the GOLD course that interests you is not on the calendar, you can agree with us the date, we insert it in the scheduling.
  2. GOLD registration guarantees that the course will not be cancelled.
Two participants are sufficient to activate the GOLD registration; even in GOLD registration, multiple participations follow the normal discount policy, which is:
  1. 10% on the second participation
  2. 40% on the third
  3. 80% from the fourth onwards.
When a Company has a single participation for a course, it may add the GOLD Option to the Registration; the GOLD Option has an extra cost of 90% of the Registration cost, but in this way the edition of the course is guaranteed.
Moreover, the GOLD Option will be refunded, if the course will have at least another participant.
With the Registration + the GOLD option, the course will be held even if there is only one people registered.
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